A Brand for Individuals Who Evoke FREEDOM, POWER & LOVE

About the Artist...


Raqui Rhodes - CEO & Founder

Art has been in my blood since God created me from the dust of the earth; Natural Bjorn Artist. Most of my art was gifted to me, inate characteristics..lol

I am self taught in the craft of jewelry creating, which I started in 2003 but along the way I lost my creative mojo, and became a "maker" of jewelry and no longer an artist. 

So, I PRAYED and PRAYED asking God to bless me with something more"functional, timeless, " something that I could call my own, but would be my ministry to help people feel good about themselves, inspire and motivate...TO BE BOLD, COLOURFUL AND LIVE OUT LOUD! 

The "I" in I-wear stands for individuality, Inspiration, MotIvate, made in His Image, Ministry , Life. My brand is about breaking the chains and barriers of what society tells us about the 'correct' way to look, think, smile, feel, live and love. My brand is for the rule breakers, those who Lead and Set their own trends!

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