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Elegance + Class, these adjectives easily describe the theme of the day, when I'm in my I-Wear designer glasses. My I-Wear is the other accessory to the finish of my hair and make­up, giving me a specialized look that breaks through the fashion barriers. Thank you, Raqui for bringing such unique style to the frames of the face.

~ Wendy Pittman, My Bougie Baby xo Wendy Pittman | Creative Director | My Bougie Baby, LLC Mobile: 202­550­2966 "You are your best thing." ~Toni Morrison (Beloved)

When I wear my I­Wear glasses I feel pretty. I feel like I'm in charge but still pretty. These frames give me a "strut your stuff" kind of confidence. The kind of "all eyes on me" confidence. I'm light, fresh, mystical and playful. I'm free and that why I love wearing my I­Wear glasses!

~ Liz Adams­founder of "Women who matter" empowerment organization

I love "I-Wear By Raqui" frames, truly I feel like a Supa Star when I Rock out with them...and I can't even tell u how many compliments I get...they give my whole outfit an upgrade. Thank you girl, keep creating!

~ Q of Cypahouse ­musician

When I received my designer frames by Raqui I wasn't sure how to wear them, but that's the awesome part there wasn't a right or wrong way to wear them. The moment I put them on people immediately began to notice my style and constantly asked where who and how could they obtain the same look. I'm such a supporter of these awesome frames that I plan on ordering several more pair so that I can switch them out with my wardrobe. Thank you Raqui for being so creative and creating such a stylish piece for us plain girls! 

~Shanta Barton­Stubbs;Director of "New Image youth Center"

I love my glasses. Every time I wear them I get stopped and asked where did I get them. As a designer I love unique, different and very stylish items. I-Wear by Raqui gives me that complete look I love " I absolutely love my glasses. They give me so much personality with a pop of color. Whenever I where them people compliment me on them. They are a great asset!

~KAS ­Designer Men's Wear 

You are so awesommme Raquiii, always FEEL your good energy even thru your post/words I felt compelled to share b/c I luv your envelope-pushing work!!  Luv how we build each other UP anytime we speak toothank you!!!

~man of many hats



Oh my goodness. I've NEVER gotten so many compliments on an accessory. I'm going to have to have you pick out some more stuff for me. Getting brand new at 46! 

As Pastor Battle at Zion would say you are working in your sweet spot. You are operating in your gift. ~Shaunia